The Ketogenic diet was the most googled diet in 2017, and it continues to trend upward.

Wellness experts such as Dr. Josh Axe refer to keto as the “diet of the decade”, but this is much more than a diet; it is a lifestyle that aides in weight loss, disease prevention and treatment, and saves lives!

Happily Keto TM is a seven-week program offering a simple and effective way for participants to adopt a ketogenic lifestyle. This is the best ketogenic nutrition program on the market and is being offered throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, with other areas currently pending.  We have helped hundreds of clients worldwide effectively switch from a sugar-burning to a fat-burning metabolic state to lose weight, fight disease, and look, feel, and be their very best!.


In this program, you will learn not only how to combine the correct foods, supplements and exercise to create a healthy fat fueled body, you will also learn how to manage your mind and emotions around food by retraining your brain to think differently. 

We do the work!  I will teach you a powerful technique designed to get results.  We will explore your unexplored thoughts and behaviors and purposely find thoughts and behaviors that serve you now.  

In 7 weeks you will be empowered to take your health back, get off the meds, lose the fat  and...


Live Happily Keto! 




  • Enrollment in the 7 week online program

  • Personal Coaching through the entire 7 weeks ($700 Value)

  • A customized plan based on your individual goals and health needs.

  • Access to the live Zoom meetings and replays

  • Online week by week program guide

  • Daily emails with recipes, motivation and education

  • Lifetime Access to the Happily Keto Community

  • Sample meal plans & food guides

  • Tons of resources to make the Keto transition easy.

  • Mindset Coaching tools to help you stay on track

  • A true understanding of what is happening to your body and why this is really the Proper Human Diet


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This is truly an investment in your life.

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Kimberly Powers - Certified Keto Coach