I created this journal specifically to help my clients create a positive and motivating mindset as they navigate through the challenges of creating a brand new lifestyle. 
This journal does just that! 
(But you have to do the work every day)
It contains:
  • 7 Weeks of directed daily journal pages.
  • Tracking at a Glance page so you can easily keep track of your progress.
  • Spaces for
    • planning meals
    • planning exercise
    • tracking weight
    • tracking glucose and ketones
    • Blank spaces for anything else you want to track.
And the best part is...​​  This journal contains a powerful MINDSET TOOL that my clients use every day to create the momentum and the results they are after.  
I will include a video to show you how to use this tool when you order.
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Happily Keto - Food & Mood Journal

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