Who will you be on the other side?

Okay, we have spend a few weeks absorbing and wrapping our heads around the news of the Covid-19 outbreak. Some of us are paralyzed by the situation, glued to the news and the latest developments. Most of us are concerned about loved ones and neighbors who are at risk and the economic future of the world.

During this time many of us have allowed our lives and goals to be set aside. Everyone understands. It takes time to absorb this unusual and abrupt set of circumstances. Our whole world is changing.

But as I take a minute to detach from the news and think about things, I reminded myself of a simple truth...

I can still choose how I want to emerge from this situation no matter what happens.

I have complete control over what I choose to think, feel and how I want to behave and I know this.

I do not have to focus on the things that will not serve me or others in getting through this in the best possible way. I can choose to focus on the things that will create positive changes in my life and help the most people.

When I think about this fact I am so motivated and energized. I stop feeling crappy and get to work.

So I made a list of all the ways I was going to use this situation as an opportunity to grow.

  • I will be healthier than when this started. I will not unconsciously eat or drink. I will get sun and exercise and continue to take care of my body.

  • I will be smarter. I will be taking some online courses and learn as much as I can. I will become more valuable and educated in my field.

  • I will become more connected to people. I will make time to enjoy my family and help my neighbors and talk to my friends.

  • I will be more relaxed. I will read the books I have been meaning to read for ages and sit out by the fire pit with my family with a glass of wine.

  • I will have an organized house and schedule. Life will be simple and efficient.

Most of all I will be more grateful.

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