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This morning is the Monday before Thanksgiving. I am feeling very "Vacationy" and don't feel like working. I want to curl up on the sofa and watch Ellen all day long. Since I am self-employed, I am my own boss. Today it was looking like my boss was going to be angry because my INNER REBEL was convincing me that it was ok to sit on the couch all day.

My inner rebel is powerful and convincing. She is really good at ignoring my boss and doesn't really care what she thinks. She wants what she wants and loves to win. She has a lot of energy and makes sure I have a lot of fun. She is focused on everything that ensures my comfort and happiness. She HATES being told what to do!

I think my inner rebel lives in my gut because when she starts to come out I feel a jolt of excitement run thru my stomach.

But then out of the halls of my product driven, organized, future orientated mind comes my INNER OBEDIENT. She is practical, rational and calm. She knows what my boss expects of me and complies with a smile. She gets the job done. She is also the one who punishes my inner rebel. She makes my inner rebel feel small and frivolous. She usually wins the battles with my rebel because she shames my inner rebel into sitting down and shutting up.

Today it was really bad! My inner rebel started throwing punches at my inner obedient! She really wanted to win today. That's when I had this thought... Is it possible to make them both happy? Hmmm....

My inner rebel wants me to have fun and relax. My inner obedient wants to get work done. My inner rebel wants to stop thinking for the day and play. My inner obedient wants to get motivated and creative and produce something good. I began to negotiate.

What if I decided my office would be outside on the patio today. I think my rebel and my obedient will like that. Yeah!

What if I prepared some treats and some tea to enjoy while I work. Another thing they agree on!

What if there was some music playing in the background. My rebel wants fun light songs where I know every word so I can sing and smile but obedient would like spa music which helps her be creative. Maybe acoustic guitar coffeehouse songs would be nice.

Hey... I think I just described a trip to Starbucks with my laptop. C-ya! I think today is going to be a good day.

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