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We all have our own areas of expertise, experience and wisdom. We know stuff and when we see anyone struggling we want to help and share what we know. However, if we aren't careful, we can become that annoying person that dumps our unsolicited "help" on others.

I fully admit I used to be (and my kids would say I still am) the annoying person who had the answer or at least could help if you had a problem. My intentions were always good. I just wanted to show you how to get what you want faster and without pain if possible. If I have experience with something that worked for me or that I learned through my training, why not share it with you if I can clearly see you are struggling? Let me give you this gift!

Here is the problem with this way of thinking. A lot of the time, my help and gifts were rejected or not absorbed at any level. I couldn't understand why.

One day, after another unsuccessful attempt to convince my daughter that she should start doing yoga with me for the mental and physical benefits it brings, I finally got it! I can't MAKE anyone understand, behave, learn, feel or be the way I think they should. Everyone is experiencing life at their own pace. When and if they are ready they will ask, hear and understand.

I am fully aware that all of this applies to me as well. Everything I think and believe now came from my openness to receive and understand the information as it came across my path. There is so much I don't "get" yet.

I love thinking about all the things that I have yet to learn and what else is out there. It makes me curious and fills me with wonder and keeps me excited. I know I will "get it" when I am ready.

Until then I will tend my own garden. If I genuinely and authentically keep striving to be MY best self FOR myself, I might inspire someone else. Who knows!

Today I try really, really hard not be the "annoying" person who dumps unsolicited "help" on others. Now I just zip it and smile!

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