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5 Tips to Stay Keto While Eating Out

My favorite part about being Keto is that there are options everywhere! Here are some of my go-to tips.

1. Fast food: Choose a bacon burger or a grilled chicken breast and ask for it "lettuce wrapped". One of my favorite fast food meals it the Chicken Avocado Salad at El Pollo Loco. It has a creamy cilantro dressing and is keto friendly. Chipolte has a lot of Keto options too including a keto bowl!

2. Breakfast: Easy! Eggs with cheese and bacon. Most of the time the sides are not keto friendly (toast, potatoes etc.) so I order of the "sides" menu. It is cheaper too. You can also go for omelets filled with cheese and meat and veggies. Add butter to your coffee too. Embrace being the weird!

3. At the bar: Order Chicken Wings (make sure they are not breaded) and dip them in blue cheese or ranch dressing. Eat the celery but not the carrots. Have a glass of wine but skip the beer.

4. Appetizers: Order spinach dip with veggies instead of chips. A lot of times there is a meat and cheese plate on the appetizer menu. There is always something keto friendly in the appetizer section of the menu.

5. Fine dining: This is the easiest because there are so many choices. Start with a garden salad with ranch dressing. For the main dish choose steak, chicken or fish. Add a dollop of butter to the steak. For the sides choose grilled veggies.

The best thing you can do to help you stay keto when you know you are going out is to plan. Find the menu online and make the decision before you go and promise yourself you will stick to that decision. We all know when we are hungry, temptation can be overwhelming.

Stay Happily Keto!

You got this!

Kim the Keto Coach

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