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7 Reasons to Eat Fat (and less carbs)

Where did this idea that fat is bad for us come from? Our Doctors say it's true. Our parents grew up believing it. It seems like a common truth. Everyone knows this is true, right? It's like knowing the earth is round. But guess what?

It's absolutely NOT TRUE. Our bodies NEED fat to be healthy!

Did you know our Doctors only receive about 3 days of nutrition training in their entire medical career? They are not trained in nutrition but they are excellent at what they have been trained to do which is to treat the very sick and injured. When it comes to nutrition, they parrot what they have been taught. Exercise more, eat less and eat a low fat healthy diet. Their focus is not in prevention.

When it comes to fat, unfortunately we were led down the wrong path. In 1955 when President Eisenhower had a heart attack the nation was asking what we should do to avoid having a heart attack. At the time a man named Ancel Keys had a "theory" that eating fat clogged arteries. The advice was that we should adopt a low fat diet. This is a fascinating story (which you should really look into) but it turns out this was not true and many studies have since destroyed his theory. (If you want to know more about this please look at the "22 Countries Study" and watch the documentary on Netflix called "FAT" and prepare to be enlightened).

The result of America adopting this theory as truth... we have become unhealthy, obese and have diseases and disorders that are preventable just by eating the correct food for our human bodies.

In reality, our bodies NEED fat to thrive and be healthy!

Here are 7 reasons why:

Reason 1:

The human brain is made up of 60% fat. Fat is essential for a healthy human brain and without enough we are not functioning at our full potential. Having enough fat in the brain helps improve symptoms ADHD, Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Reason 2:

Healthy hormones start with fat. Hormones that control our hunger require fat to function properly. If you are having trouble conceiving or have PCOS, do some research into how a ketogenic diet has helped many woman get healthy and improve their chances of conceiving.

Reason 3:

Our gut lining needs fat to efficiently absorb essential fat soluble vitamins. Without fat, the lining of our intestines become thin and allow the essential vitamins A, D, E & K to "leak" and not be absorbed. If you are eating vitamin dense foods or take these supplements without fat you are probably throwing your money away. Your body needs fat to absorb them.

Reason 4:

Fat is essential to insulate nerves. It helps all the messages efficiently get where they need to go. Improves focus and productivity. It also helps with mood and gives you patience.

Reason 5:

Fat is the best source of energy. Our Liver produces ketones using fat. When we run out of carbs and our body is looking for fuel it knows how to make ketones from our own fat! This is actually the way humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years and it wasn't until recently we became mostly carb burners with the invention of mass produced food and processed food. The energy is amazing when our body is using ketones.

Reason 6:

Fat is required to make healthy cells. The outside of every cell is made of cholesterol and cholesterol comes from fat. Without enough fat our cells become deformed and then those deformed cells are replicated. (Think wrinkled skin and cancerous cells).

Reason 7:

Fat is extremely satiating. When people become "fat adapted" they eat less and feel full. That's why you hear people who have adopted the ketogenic lifestyle say calories don't matter. They are not hungry and most of the cravings disappear. You actually eat less calories per day on a ketogenic diet.

So, the bottom line is fat is your friend. Reduce your carbs and increase your fat and watch what happens.

If you need more help with this visit my website:

I am here for you!

Kim the Keto Coach!

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