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How to Create a "No Matter What" Attitude

It is so easy to say "screw it" and break promises and resolutions to ourselves.

Temptation is all around us and it is so normal to give in to our desire.

The problem is when we end up giving in to our desires, we end up beating ourselves up afterwards or we justify our actions. This leads to run from ugly feelings that we don't want to feel so we run from them and quit.

Whatever the goal is, we started this journey because we wanted to get RESULTS!!

So why is it so hard to do?

Answer: We are letting our primitive brain control our actions and it is doing it's job perfectly!

The primitive brain is our auto-pilot brain. It's job is to keep us alive and safe and comfortable and really doesn't want to work hard. It want's things to be easy.

Our primitive brain has strong neuro-pathways that have been created from repeating the same thoughts and actions over and over. On top of that our brain releases chemicals and hormones that create strong desire for the things it feels will keep us alive and comfortable. If it doesn't get what it wants, it will throw a fit like a toddler who can't have the candy in a grocery store.

...and we all know the quickest way to stop the toddler from throwing a fit is to give it what it wants right?

When we allow this part of our brain be in control we will never get the results we are after.

The good news is that we are human with human brains and the ability to make decisions and plans and over-ride the primitive brain. We have the ability to make decisions that serve us in getting the results we want. We only need to make the decision to let our human brain be in control.

It just takes practice!

To create a "No Matter What" attitude try these 5 things:

1. Recognize when we are letting the primitive brain run our lives:

You will know when this is happening because feel like your actions are out of your control. Write about it. It slows down your brain and shines a light on the situation.

2. Change your thoughts:

Notice what you are thinking right before you decide to give in to the primitive brain. Instead of thinking thoughts that allow you to give in, find a thought that strengthens your resolve.

Instead of thinking "One donut won't hurt" think "I can stick to my plan for 24 hours."

3. Plan:

Create a 24 hour plan (at minimum). Decide what you are going to do, eat or work on a day in advance. Make a promise to yourself that you will stick to your plan. It's only 24 hours right? If you want to plan to have a donut tomorrow, put it in the plan and be okay with it.

4. Be willing to feel anything:

Feelings drive our actions which get results. Being willing to feel anything is the secret to success. You will not die from a feeling. So what if you're uncomfortable. You are strong enough to get through any feeling for 24 hours right? Eventually these strong sabotaging feelings will diminish and you will earn confidence in yourself, form new habits, build momentum and create new results.

5. Show up for yourself:

When you decide you are worth it you will show up for yourself every day! You would never stand up your best friend 5 minutes before you were supposed to meet her with the excuse "I'm just not feeling it." Why would you do that to yourself? Practice loving yourself like you love your best friend. It feels pretty good!

I love this quote: "Happiness is the joy you feel striving for your potential!" by Sean Achor.

You got this!

Kim the Keto Coach

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