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I totally get it! When you first start a new food program there are so many new habits and changes that are not easy to do. Tracking all your food can be one of them. If you are one of those people who feels like tracking your food is overwhelming you are not alone.

However, if you can allow your brain to consider the other side of the story, you might be way more willing to make tracking food a habit worth practicing. Understanding all the benefits of tracking your food it might be motivating instead of overwhelming. It doesn't have to be forever, just commit to doing it for 6 weeks and see how you feel about it then.

Here are THREE great reasons to develop a habit of tracking all of your food:

1. You get results faster.

In a study of almost 1700 people, weight loss doubled in people who track their food. If your goal is weight loss this is super motivating.

2. Tracking requires you stay accountable.

When you require yourself to enter everything you put into your mouth (especially before you eat it) in a tracking app or journal, it shines a light on the truth. I can't tell you how many times I was surprised by what I thought was a good choice or no big deal. Entering everything before you eat it will help you make much better choices and help you stay on track. It really forces you to look at the facts and shines a light on the areas where you can tighten up your plan.

3. You collect data.

Overall, we are all striving to be healthier. How do we know we are healthier? We visit our doctor and check our blood for markers of health and possible deficiencies. Many tracking apps have nutrition information which is so helpful when your labs reveal you are deficient in some area. Having a a place to track the nutrition data will help guide you to the things you can eat or the supplements you might want to consider to shore up those areas and thrive.

So... do some research and find a tracking app that works for you. Two good ones are the Carb Manager app and the Cronometer app. Both have FREE versions and both are easy to use.

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Happy Ketoing!

Kim the Keto Coach

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